About Us

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality and the best customer service in the plating industry


At Midwest Plating, we operate several large-scale, fully automated rack lines and a barrel line. We finish more than 4 million pounds of material each year at our St. Louis facility. Our entire plating process is quality controlled to ensure accurate measurement of coating thickness to comply with customer specifications. Learn more about our aluminum plating services.

Quality Standards

Midwest Plating adheres to the highest industry standards including the ISO 9001 Certification in Quality Management. We also follow internationally-recognized standards by the ASTM and are members of the National Association for Surface Finishing (NASF). Learn more about our quality standards.


Since 1961, Midwest Plating has provided the highest quality in tin plating for the electrical industry. Technology has certainly progressed over the past 50 years but our commitment to producing a quality product with superior customer service have always remained the same.

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Today the company is lead by Mike Bello Junior and Senior.  In 2019, Midwest Plating added a new line to increase capacity due to rising demand and improve production times.